Corporate Bios & LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Profiles for business
LinkedIn has become a force to be reckoned with in the business world, from recruiters looking for candidates, to candidates researching companies to work for. And now,  and perhaps most importantly for business  - it has become a sales tool used to educate potential clients about the company and its principal players. Take control of the brand image you are projecting by making sure that all of your key players have a LinkedIn profile that supports and sells the image you want to convey to potential customers.  



Bios  - Company Wikipedia Articles - About Us Web Pages
All of these online media sources need to project a cohesive story about your company and the people that make your business happen. Is your digital footprint working for your business or against it?  As an experienced writer, I can make sure your online presence reflects your company culture and corporate voice. 


LinkedIn and Bio Writing Project Process

After a service agreement is completed, I'll gather job descriptions, resumes and do online research to find the initial information I need to write the profiles. Once I have this, I'll schedule a 5 question/15 minute phone conversation with each person to round out the writing project. I then submit a first draft for proofing, make corrections,  then complete another round of proofing to finalize the project.