Why should I pick you as my resume writer? 


Well, first of all I have 20 years of experience, which gives a depth of knowledge about resumes that someone else with 2 or 5 years of experience simply doesn't have. 


Secondly, I earned a CPRW, which stands for Certified Professional Resume Writer, which acknowledged my skills as a resume writer 20 years ago.


I have been published in eight  resume books over the years, which shows that my skills have kept up with the times and that the best resume writers in the nation acknowledge my ability. 

I make it a point to keep up with trends in the resume business so that my work is always current and fresh. 


I have a business background in real estate, design, art, construction and copywriting, which means I understand the business world and my experience goes beyond an insular writers or human resources background. All of this knowledge goes into making sure your resume is the attractive, powerful marketing document it should be. 

My skill set is unique among my competition. So you'd think that my prices would be among the highest, right? Nope, they are right in the middle of the range among those with my level of experience. 


How do you work?


In the interest of making things as convenient as possible and keeping everyone out of traffic, I try to work primarily over phone and email. But if a face-to-face meeting is needed, we can make an appointment to meet at my office for a fee.  Also take a look at The Process Page. 

What do you need from me to write my resume?


I use a combination of  a questionnaire, a phone interview and whatever documents or old resumes you can provide for me. That combination is different for everyone. The idea is not to create busy work, but to get the exact information I need to write the best possible  document for you.






Do I really need a cover letter?
Surveys of Human Resources Professionals are split down the middle, with a third saying they always read the cover letter and third saying they never do and a third saying they could take or leave cover letters. So, since you never know who your resume is going to land in front of, it's always safest to submit your resume with a cover letter.
I'm unemployed and can't afford a professional resume writer right now. Is there anything you can do to help me?


I understand being in that predicament. I do take credit cards for my services and can arrange a payment plan through PayPal, but if that isn't an option, call me and ask about my ebook - "The Professional Resume Writers Guide to Jazzing Up Your Resume." It will take you step by step through the process I take to make awesome resumes for my clients. For only $20 you can make a world of difference between an ineffective resume and a attractive resume that sells you as a success. Delivered by email via pdf, you can be changing your job prospects for the better within minutes!