You Get What You Pay For - Or How To Choose a Resume Writer

I have been looking around the local market for resume writing recently and have not been impressed. There are quite a few new writers in the Denver metro market, and from the samples I've seen, this new blood isn't a good thing.

The resumes produced by some of these other writers have been plain, boring and dreadfully lifeless. I cringe! One of them looked like formats that were used 10 years ago. For another one, every sample looked exactly the same! Do you want your resume to look like anyone else's, churned out by a newbie who does this as a side gig? I hope not.

Another site actually made a jab that using a resume writer with lots of experience was a bad thing - that experienced writers don't keep up with current styles. That couldn't be further from the truth for what I do for my clients, I absolutely keep up with resume trends and quite frankly, resent the inference.

I felt really bad for one person who came to me. She had gone with the lowest bid on LinkedIn Pro Finder, and ended up with resume she was't happy with. I wouldn't have been happy either, another one of those lifeless resumes. She had wasted her money.

Ask these questions before you make your decision of who to work with to write your resume :

  • Are you a certified writer?

  • How much experience do you have?

  • Will the resume you write for me have a branded look and keywords that will represent me?

To answer these questions about myself, I am certified by the Professional Associate of Resume Writers, this is my 20th year in the business, and yes! I love creating a document that represents you and your brand in a modern, unique format. My documents always catch the eye of the reviewers and always flow in an easy-to-read format. The wording is always easy to understand as well, I don't believe in over complicating language if it can be phrased simply.

Does my work cost more than these newbies? Yes. But you are paying for my experience and expertise, and will receive an excellent document that will shorten your time on the job search. After all, you do get what you pay for!

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